Hi there!

Welcome to That Untitled Project

A business all about creating art you can’t help but engage with.

Making Changes

That Untitled Project is taking time make changes and edits to the website. The projects I’ve facilitated, produced, and participated in over the past 7 years have developed the business and art into something wonderful and new. I’m taking time to edit the website so it better represents and expresses what That Untitled Project is today.

Put April 2022 on your calendar for the updated website.

In the meantime, you can contact me at Gloria@ThatUntitledProject.com and interact with @That_Untitled_Project on Instagram


Oh, you wanna get in touch with me? Wonderful! You can fill out the contact form below and I’ll send some words back to you! If you are interested in, choreography, booking a performance with UP artists, or special engagements let me know as much relevant information as possible. If you just wanna say, “hey” please do so below!