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Welcome to the project blog.  These are my thoughts, projects, and musings. They’re also answers to your questions if you have em.

Why is it called “In The Wings”. Well, 1. that’s my title of choice for a potential podcast. 2. I think it’s a good allegory. When you are performing there are 3 distinct spaces. The stage is where you put on a show for an audience. Backstage is where you either prepare to transform into the performer or back into a regular human. Non-performers have a pretty decent understanding of those spaces. But when you are in the wings, you enter this strange twilight zone that performers fully understand but audiences don’t. Hey, if you do your job right, they shouldn’t notice the wings exist at all. When you’re in the wings, you can finally breath, but only for a second. You can make your quick change, curse at the heat of the light, pick your wedgie, or sneak a peek at the audience without them seeing you.

Maybe you’ve never wondered what goes on backstage. But maybe you have wondered, “Hmm how exactly does a professional dancer make money to live off of?” or “What does a wardrobe assistant do?” Keep reading, I’ll get to the bottom of it for you.


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