• Sip and SLAY! – Our workshop where you get to have a little fun in an open-level BYOB dance class. Fierce moves, a little sip of your favorite drink, and a good time with friends and future friends! Join us for our first St. Louis workshop at The City Studio. Feruary 10 6:30-7:30pm
  • UPWorks Community Class aka “Misfits”– 90 minutes to learn a delightfully strange piece of choreography. It is pay what you can and generally intermediate in terms of contemporary jazz/modern technique. The next community class is happening November 11 ! Join us at Glenwood Dance Studio (7017 n Glenwood Ave) from 9-10:30am.


If you’re interested in any of the following, just email In an effort to help take away the murkiness from these creative services, there are some price ranges listed. Because every project is different, these prices serve to give you a ballpark (you may end up 10%-20% percent higher or lower) and aim to give you more accurate information when considering your needs.

  • Sip and SLAY Party– starts at $130 – 75-90 minute Sip and SLAY class for a private party. You provide the location and the group and we’ll bring a bottle or two of wine and teach a sassy class for you. You can even pick music and make choreo requests. [What increases my rate?  If you need us to book a location, want to extend a class past 90 minutes, or have a group size over 15 people]
  • Wedding Dance Choreo/Lesson(s) – $45-$55/hr –  If you like to be a little bit silly but also want to look good dancing, we’re a perfect fit. [What increases my rate?  If you need us to book a rehearsal location or want to learn lifts and complex moves]
  • Performance Choreography – $85 – $400 – Every performance piece is unique from group to group, hence the huge price range. At one end, you may only need simple choreography to a 2 minutes piece that is taught to a group you provide at one rehearsal of about 1.5-2hrs. At the higher budget end you may want a 3min+ piece with elaborate dancing, props, and a couple of lifts taught to a group you provide over about 4 2-hr rehearsals. [What increases my rate?  If you need us to provide dancers for your performance, need our dancers to perform outdoors, or want us to book rehearsal locations]